The Isy Provence tribe !

We are a passionate group of people. Full of love for the Provence region, its inexhaustible potential, its amazing landscapes which smell of lavender and rosemary, its locals with their joyful accent and also for its traditions which make this region truly unique and moving.

"Chasque toupin trobo sa cabucello" which means to each pan its lid in the Provence dialect.
At Isy Provence everybody finds what they are looking for. We will be your main and privileged contact securing access to private venues and traditional restaurants so that your clients can enjoy Marseille and the Provence as they wish.

Your group will have access to bespoke, unusual, unique activities full of fun and emotion!

Isabelle Gudin Tribu Isy Provence

The stubborn

"This office looks a mess!"

Isabelle GUDIN is the managing director
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If I was a regional symbol : I would be a beach hut: Authentic, in the middle of nowhere but with a sea view, small and not always tidy, with old pieces of furniture the purpose of which are to be used rather than to impress.
Marseille without its locals would be : like the local drink (Pastis) without ice cubes!

Séverine Michelet Tribu Isy Provence

The creative

"I fear .......”

Séverine MICHELET is your project manager
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If I was a regional symbol : I would be a cricket because it speaks a lot and sings loudly, shows off in the summer but is quiet come the evening.
It also has feet that hurt from all that jumping around! Above all I’d be a Cricket because it is a free spirit, and a hardworking entertainer who everybody is longing to hear.
Marseille without its Calanques would be : like an olive paste without olives.

IAnais Chaix Tribu Isy Provence

The adventurer

"Oh my god!"

Anais CHAIX is your project manager
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If I was a regional symbol : I would be a local lemonade (even though it’s non alcoholic) for its natural, refreshing, fizzy and sugary taste. A drink that’s synonymous with happiness and joie de vivre, and is even better under the sun.
Marseille without its language would be : like a local without accent.