Teambuilding Marseille provence

Team building events in Provence

Our activities and events are created and led by our own experienced team which guarantees both quality and a true originality in our services.
Regardless of the weather, come rain or shine, your group will always be guaranteed to take part in a unique and exciting event. Due to our extensive network of contacts, and the numerous activities we offer, we are flexible enough to change the plan up to 48h before the big day. We design contingency plans during the booking process (which we especially advise for sea activities). Our team speaks English.

Sea treasure hunt in the calanques

A treasure hunt where each team boards a motor boat with its own certified Captain. Each boat represents a team who will go on a discovery tour of our beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Adventure in the Calanques

Various types of sporty activities, adapted for all levels of fitness. Each challenge is supervised by a trained and certified instructor.


A fun way to discover a city, as well as the regional sayings and the habits of the people of the Provence region. Meet the locals who talk loudly and a lot, let them inspire you. A true adventure, full of the simple pleasures in life.

Teambuilding Provence City treasure hunt Marseille

City treasure hunt

Each team has its own itinerary but meet during the game. Their map helps them discover the city and move from one location to another through clues, tests of logic and other challenges.